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Coco Macadamia | 12 Pack

Coco Macadamia | 12 Pack

The delicious Coco Macadamia is coming in limited quantity.
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The Naak bar

These delicious energy bars are performance driven, sustainable and healthy. We use cricket powder to provide you with lasting energy, be it for intense physical activity or for a long day at work.


Naak performance


Fuel for performance-driven athletes: 10g of protein, 30g of carbs and 400mg of sodium

Naak cricket


Have you ever tasted crickets? Get ready, they’re the food of the future

Naak nature


A delicious 9-ingredient recipe, crafted in Quebec with 100% natural ingredients

Crickets are a superfood and are eco-friendly


Crickets vs beef

protein crickets vs beef



Crickets vs milk

calcium crickets vs milk



Crickets vs spinach

Iron crickets vs spinach


Not only is cricket powder a superfood, but it's also eco-friendly: producing cricket powder requires less resources than dairy protein, not to mention it creates less waste. Cricket powder is the complete protein of the future!



Beef vs cricket

feed crickets vs beef



Beef vs cricket

greenhouse gas crickets vs beef


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Our mission: Smart food

Our mission is to push the limits of sports nutrition by developing smart food: a combination of performance, innovation and environmentally friendly ingredients.

We aren’t afraid to push the limits: we use original and natural ingredients, like cricket powder, that are exceptionally nutritious and environmentally friendly.

The result? Delicious Naak energy bars developed to provide lasting energy for your active lifestyle.

Naak Nature